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Our Story

Founded 2021 in Flint, Michigan by Jacques Giles Jr, Father of 2. As a child Jacques began using a 3D online platform called "IMVU". On that game he developed the ability to design clothing, and how to design websites. During this time he met other graphic designers that used the platform, they then created a group called LvfeStyle. On imvu Jacques became one of the Top Creator on the platform at that time. The name LvfeStyle was going to be the brand name. But because there were so many other brands out there called LifeStyle in different ways, Jacques wanted something more original. Then he thought of Distvnt, during this time Jacques was working a job doing a lot of heavy lifting daily. He worked in a warehouse making good money, but it wasn't it for him. He knew there was something much more to his journey, so he began investing all of his money. Check after check he stocked up on as much inventory as possible. He finally built up the courage to Quit. Now he's always with his children and he's dropping fire to the community with a positive message.
What is Distvnt?
Distvnt pronounced distant it is a brand all about Staying out the way to protect your energy. Energy is everything, with good energy around you, you cannot lose. Surround yourself with people, who TRULY make you HAPPY, but whatever you do, protect YOUR energy at all costs.
CEO Jacques Giles.